Grain Silo


♦  Introduction of Grain Silo:

Grain - a precious commodity and main capital of agriculture - requires particularly important storage. With the tested Lipp System, silos from Lipp offer main advantages with regard to their design and impermeability. 
The efficient on-site production allows for fast, inexpensive assembly of silos with a variable diameter between 3 and 30 metres and a height of up to 40 metres, with optional filling and removal technology. 

 The Advantages of Grain Silo:

1. High quality and a long service life
2. Excellent stability thanks to Lipp System
3. Short construction time Construction without container boarding and scaffolding
4. Broad assortment of peripheral accessories

♦  Usage Scope of Grain Silo:

1. Poultry feed mill plant 
2. Port grain storage facilities
3. Beer processing plant
4. Biscuit making plant
5. Oil processing plant
6. Flour mill
7. Alcohol processing plant and etc.

Steel Silo Parameter Table for Reference:


5000 Ton Grain Silo Installation Video: