Our History
Our factory was established in 1996 and started from processing, installation, anticorrosion and heat-preservation of steel works, has developed into a company with registered capital of RMB10,180,000 through several years of efforts and mastered a complete set of technologies for independent development and production of double profiling equipment (SM40, SM30). Now, the company boasts five sets of double profiling equipment (SM40, SM30), with annual production capacity of steel structure silo above 300,000 m3.

Powerful Strength

1.We have strong technical force, more than 20 professional design persons, has issued by the national housing and urban-rural development of steel structure second grade professional contracting qualification; Hardware equipment is perfect, having 20,000 square meters of manufacturing base, more than 20 sets of production equipment, 2 special steel silo volume board production line and SM40, SM30 spiral bit edge line of manufacturing complete sets.
2. Our annual steel silo project contracting is 800,000 cubic meters, projects are all over national 32 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, and there are hundreds of engineering model.

Our Team
• We have a high-effcient work team.
• The installation date never more than our except days.For example, when we estimate 15days for installation,we'll Finish in a period that shortter than 15days.
• They are good-skilled installation team.2-3 of them can operate the special equipment very well. The others are good at welding.
• Seldom welding holes on our silo.
• Their work experience are more than 6 years.

Our Advantage

1.The silo is built directly on spot by using special machineries that, thanks to their advanced technology, enable us to build cylinders from 2,70 meters to 25,00 meters diameter and height, up to 35,00 meters.
2.This advantage allows the engineers, the designer and the user himself, to exploit to the utmost the space available as well as a cheaper and more intelligent employment of the building site. 
3.The silo has an inside flat smooth wall, a very important device which avoids stagnation of dust and product (that usually forms in the recesses of the corrugated walls causing proliferation of moulds and insects) and which permits a more versatile use. 
4.The silo can be built with an absolute air- watertight system: this advantage allows to storage also liquid products as well as being extremely useful for the storing of cereal products themselves.
5.The silo differently from corrugated one is suitable to any kind of bulk storage; that it means: aggregates (like cements, coal, gypsum, carbonates, etc), sludge, biomasses, chemical, plastic products and liquids.