Feed Silo


Introduction of Feed silo:

Feed silo is a storage bin used to store feedstock in industrial systems such as the creation of steam power. They can be categorized as follows:

A.  Agricultural Feed Silo

Agricultural feed silos are ideal storage solutions for animal feed and grain. When open the valve, the feedstock can drain into the transportation device such as a truck. Agricultural feed silos are generally made of steel or stainless steel to ensure the strength and makes the silo more suitable for long term storage.

B.  Chemical Feed Silo

Chemical feed silos are specially designed to store chemicals for water treatment, Chlorine storage bin for example. Chemical feed silos are generally made of polyethylene since metal silos may react with the chemicals.

C.  Water Feed Silo

Water feed silos are used for liquid storage in many systems and steam power plant is one of the common applications.